Wonderland Girls

Many photographers attempt the "Alice in Wonderland" theme since it is so whimsical and influential in the imaginative sense. Instead of going with the usual girl in a Alice costume though, I wanted to create something a little more diverse. 

So, after  planning with my sisters, Sara and Jessica, this is what we came up with! If you have ever seen the music video "What are you waiting for?" by Gwen Stephani, I wanted to go with more of a harajuku Alice. Of course you can't have Alice without some teacups and rabbitts too! This was a really fun shoot to edit and it reminds me why I love working with themes so much. For more pictures visit my flickr account

erica lewis


  1. Love the pictures! The colors are beautiful.

  2. I just stumble upon your blog and I'm so glad I did. Great photos ...and styling!