Winter Doll

On Christmas evening we received a thick blanket of snow, which was unusual for Arkansas considering we got about ten inches in our area. The thing about snow is, it has a way of quieting everything after all the excitement of its arrival has died down. After children come in red faced with their snow packed boots, after the television weather is turned off by concerned parents gazing at the low tree limbs heavy with ice, the snow remains as quiet as its arrival. All that can be seen in its hush serenity are the occasional flashes of scarlet by cardinals. 

For me, snow will always be the childlike in its nature. It's shy, delicate, easily molded, and reflects the innocence of its surroundings. 

Here are a few shots I took of my little sister. I titled this series Winter  Doll. I hope you enjoy them, and remember to stay cozy wherever the winter winds travel. Above all, take time to enjoy the stillness winter brings. 

erica lewis


  1. I would be frozen. Nose and cheeks would be red, fingers hurting so badly... How do you keep her from freezing to death?
    Very nice photo's ... and the snow looks great (but cold!)