Where Wild Things Are

Before I decided to fully embark on a photo shoot based on Where the Wild Things Are, I knew that this sort of shoot would need the right props and of course the right characters to portray this iconic book. I decided to collaborate with Kelsey Sullivan again since we have done a photoshoot before, and I knew she had some cute siblings that could help me. :)

After many trips to hobby lobby and goodwill, sketching, and shoddy sewing techniques by yours truly, I had completed the props. On the day of the shoot, little Lucas and Kiley were hesitant to get in touch with their wild thing, but that changed with a few howls and searches for the biggest stick we could find. This was a fun shoot! And I could not have done it without the enthusiasm of Kelsey and her little brother and sister. I guess it's true what they say.

Inside all of us is a Wild Thing.

The cutest wild thing ever and I  = ]

erica lewis


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