Get Famous or Die Trying

     Upon first glance, Ariel Gore’s How to Become a Famous Writer Before You’re Dead seems like a mouthful and a bit morbid to aspiring writers, but within the first few pages it is clear that Mrs. Gore intends to fulfill her dear friend’s last wish of telling her all the ins and outs of writing. If you’re looking for a book that draws outside of the lines, so to say, this book is a great way to become more headstrong with your work, and consider some slightly unconventional yet provoking ideas to get recognized and above all write a good story. Gore manages to combine the charisma of a sincere friend with the enthusiasm of a personal literary coach. Her chapters are filled with fearless and frank  “how tos” while still providing outside opinions and interviews from writers such as Dave Barry, Floyd Salas, and Michelle Tea. 

     I personally enjoyed all the snippets of quotes, and how this book does not have a dated feel to it as many of the chapters can be applied in this technology day in age. While some writing books sit back quietly on the shelves and require an energy shot to read through, this book provides the essential qualities that go into the publishing world added with the zest and knowledgeable Mrs. Gore, it’s a must for any writer who yearns to have his or her work out of the dusty file cabinets (or computer files) and into the spotlight with a bit of polish and preparation. 

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