Two Thousand Eleven

The beginning of 2011 started with a blanket of snow and gave me a chance to relax and reflect before my second semester at UCA. I enjoy the quiet simplicity of winter, the bare trees, and flights of birds.

February came quietly and was filled with an unusual amount of snow days and cozying up with Devin and playing angry birds on his playstation :3 

March is one of my favorite months seasonally because spring starts to peak through and its so delicate and fragile against the closing of winter. In March, I took portraits of my sister, visited with friends on Pinnacle Mountain, and celebrated my love's 23rd birthday.

In April, I celebrated my 21st birthday, soaked in the warmth of spring, and I kept the end of another semester of school in sight. 

May was a busy month with the end of my spring semester at UCA, my dad graduating with his teaching degree around the time of his 50th birthday, and Devin and I were outside every chance we could get before our summer classes began.

 I started my internship with the Arkansas Shakespeare Theater as a dramaturge for the play As You Like It  and shared a temporary apartment with an actress and a costume designer and I enjoyed sharing their company. 

June was another fruitful month as my internship was in full swing and I stayed busy with my dramaturge duties. I still found time to enjoy the freedom of summer and its electricity in the air. 

July marked the end of my internship and the beginning of my photography page on facebook and my first apartment. I visited with family, celebrated my mother and cousin's birthday, and was in awe of the fireworks as I always am each 4th of July.

The end of summer came too quickly and before I knew it another semester of school was on its way. I stayed busy setting up my apartment and spending time with family whenever I could. My little brother turned 12 years old, and it's hard to believe that next year he'll be a teenager.

In August, I also began taking pictures for the college newspaper which gave me an opportunity to attend some great events throughout the semester.



In September I continued to take pictures in between my first semester as a Senior at UCA. My facebook page was growing, but I was just happy to display the facets of my imagination for everyone to see. I celebrated my sister's 24th birthday and watched the fall leaves begin to turn into ruby and golden hues.

Each year, October always proves to be an eventful month and 2011 was no different. I had my first baby photo session along with an alluring mask photo shoot with a friend of mine. My little sister turned 15.

I balanced my English and Creative Writing classes all while working my student worker job and working as a photographer for the newspaper. I went to Cool Shoes for Halloween for the third year, my favorite yet! & I got comfortable in my lovely little apartment. 

November was a mixture of stress and comfort as I spent many nights working on essays and writing stories.  Amidst this stress though I was able to visit with family for Thanksgiving as we caught up over the past few years & since I was 21 I was finally able to go out with my sister and cousin to have some fun and see the city night life in Arkansas.

Other highlights of November were getting to take pictures with a wonderful girl in some awesome locations for my book worm idea and going to the Iron & Wine concert to take pictures for the paper :3



Once finals were over and I was on my two week vacation from work, the end of 2011 slowed down and I was able to take in my boyfriend's graduation, spending Christmas with my family and loved animals, going to Mount Magazine and sipping wine and enjoying dessert for our 3 year anniversary :3

The New Years was filled with fun, friends, and family and I couldn't think of a better way to bring in the new year.

While I didn't exactly make a New Year's resolution, my hope for 2012 is that with the help of my family and my love I will grow as a person and an artist & always take time to enjoy the little wonders in life. 

erica lewis

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